The Facts About Indiana & Ohio Auto Insurance

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Indiana & Ohio State Auto Insurance Requirements


Indiana & Ohio is a fault state in auto insurance services. Coverage offered includes (PIP) personal injury protection, but you may opt to refuse the coverage. PIP guarantees medical treatment in the event of an accident regardless of who was at fault.

Limits to the coverage

Insured drivers cannot make claims on injuries except where the maximum insurance coverage exceeded or the insured incurred permanent or severe injuries or death. You could be held liable for injuries and damages without insurance.

Liability will handle injuries and damaged property for pedestrians, other drives, and passengers. Call our agency today and let us help you find the appropriate coverage for you.

Drivers without Insurance Penalties

If you are caught driving without auto insurance, you could be charged with a penalty or jailed for up to 90 days for first-time offenders. Subsequent offenders face more severe penalties and a prison term of up to 180 days.

No Pass, No Drive

Under the minimum age requirements, the state requires licensing for teenagers aged 16-17 years by obtaining a compliance verification form from their respective school district. If the driver-student drops out of school, the individual's license will be suspended.

Car insurance rates for Indiana & Ohio cities and towns vary in hundreds of dollars between the local insurance carriers. By providing the AAnderson Insurance Inc. agents in Indiana & Ohio with your details such as age, ZIP code, and coverage level, you can compare rates and see how much to save each year on your auto insurance policy.

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