The Facts About Indiana & Ohio Life Insurance

Insurance that Reflects Your Life

When life changes, so do insurance policies. When it comes to Indiana & Ohio life insurance, you need someone who knows when to adapt your policy to your family's best interests. That's where AAnderson Insurance Inc. comes in.

Our seasoned staff recognizes when it's time to get a check-up on your life insurance, and it may be for moments you haven't even considered. You're aware that your life insurance needs change if you get married or are divorced, for example, but did you know that they can also change if you're paying for your child or grandchild's education? That's why having an insurance partner at your side is crucial in the journey of your lifeā€”and not just part of it.

Types of Life Insurance

Don't have a life insurance policy? Now is the time to invest in one. There are three basic types of life insurance policies in Indiana & Ohio; let's review them below.

  • Term life insurance is an ideal candidate if you're a first-time life insurance buyer. It protects you and your family for flexible periods of time from one to twenty years. It also has flexible premium payment options according to the time frames you choose to purchase.
  • Whole life insurance, of course, lasts your entire lifetime as long as the premiums are paid. It's more traditional with set premium periods and can build cash value. This makes it an attractive choice for investment.
  • Universal life insurance works a little differently from a whole life policy. It lasts your lifetime, but the premiums can have flexible time periods and amounts. The amounts accrued from building cash value can also change but won't fall below a certain rate.

Your Constant Partner Through Change

Life changes, but your Indiana & Ohio life insurance agent doesn't have to. Simply follow the link to contact us at AAnderson Insurance Inc. We're with you through each milestone!